Loch Lomond Young Farmers

Loch Lomond Young Farmers is an organisation that works to advance the education and training of young people at large in rural issues, agriculture, homecrafts and other related subjects. Throughout the year, we work as a collective of active individuals within our communities to support local people through fundraising, offering help and interacting with different members of communities. This allows the development of our active citizens to build their abilities in self reliance, individual responsibility and enhancing their spiritual and mental capabilities.

Over the past few years, the club has been able to support local foodbanks, care homes, Brownie groups and other charities to name a few. We also use our platform to help raise the profile of other support groups and charities that may be able to support our members and wider community. The work we carry out leads to the development of independent, well rounded individuals who are able to provide beneficial contributions to their local communities.

Through raising money for our organisation, we are able to provide more activities for our members to build these essential life skills but also allows us to organise events to support our local communities. Year round, the club is able to hold social gatherings for our local communities, variety performances, skills courses and events which educate our members about agriculture. We primarily support a wide age range of individuals between the ages of 14-28 and focus on the motto that Young Farmers is "not just for those that wear wellies!"

1st Place: £500 Cash
2nd Place: Apple iPad
3rd Place: 10 lucky winners of £10 Book Tokens

Simply sign-up (so we know who you are if you win), once you've paid for your balloon you can then name, personalise, and decorate your balloon via your dashboard by choosing the shape, colour, and pattern, plus the helium content and rubber thickness.

Your balloon can be in memory of someone special, to celebrate an occasion or just for fun!

Virtual balloons can even be gifted and make a perfect 'virtual' gift. Choose to support Loch Lomond Young Farmer's whilst buying a fun and unique gift:

• For your family, friends, or neighbours
• For your colleagues, co-workers, team, or department
• For your customers, clients, suppliers, or contacts
• As a work or family-based Competition gift

To buy a balloon as a gift, once you've signed-up, simply purchase a balloon activation code for £3 each and either send the code to your family and friends for them to activate or print it off, pop it in a card or wrap it up for a lovely surprise. To join the race, gift codes must be activated by 11.30am on Valentine’s Day. The gift recipient can decorate, name, and track their balloon themselves. They may even win a prize!

Our fundraising target is: £500

Gross monies raised so far: £186

Supporters so far: 29

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