Windsor and Ascot Driving Group

May Day - the time of spring celebrations, maypoles, workers day parades and balloons? This year how about supporting us by buying yourself and your loved ones a balloon!

The Windsor and Ascot Driving Group is a member group of Riding for the Disabled Association. We enable disabled people to learn how to carriage-drive with a pony. We provide therapy, achievement and enjoyment to children and adults with a variety of disabilities, including those in wheelchairs.

We own our ponies and have to feed and look after them and pay costs including vet and farrier bills. We also have to buy and maintain equipment such as carriages and harness. Our group is run by volunteers and we rely entirely on fundraising and donations.

So if you would like to support us please buy a balloon for the May Day Race, a fun way of raising funds. There are some great prizes up for grabs, 1st Place: £500, 2nd Place: an Apple iPad, 3rd Place: £10 Book Tokens for the next 10 fastest balloons. There will be a special BONUS prize for the balloon that travels the furthest for our team - a bespoke mug with either a photo of one of our lovely ponies or the photo of your choice.

Our fundraising target is: £500

Gross monies raised so far: £315

Supporters so far: 32

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Top 20 balloons within cause

  • #1 Reggie : travelled 237.99km ELIMINATED

  • #2 Ebba: travelled 207.89km FINISHED

  • #3 Fat ball: travelled 198.07km FINISHED

  • #4 Full of Hot Air : travelled 190.89km FINISHED

  • #5 Big Dog Dan: travelled 159.24km ELIMINATED

  • #6 Clare: travelled 158.15km FINISHED

  • #7 Janet: travelled 154.43km FINISHED

  • #8 Meja: travelled 152.07km FINISHED

  • #9 Allie bigger balloon : travelled 151.84km FINISHED

  • #10 CamSimon: travelled 151.29km FINISHED

  • #11 RichardSara: travelled 151.12km FINISHED

  • #12 Balloon: travelled 131.33km FINISHED

  • #13 M Mack: travelled 128.25km ELIMINATED

  • #14 Balloon: travelled 126.44km FINISHED

  • #15 Sarah 1: travelled 126.04km ELIMINATED

  • #16 Balloon: travelled 125.23km FINISHED

  • #17 Blue: travelled 121.99km FINISHED

  • #18 Balloon: travelled 120.39km FINISHED

  • #19 Balloon: travelled 120.34km FINISHED

  • #20 Karen: travelled 118.41km FINISHED

Supporter Balloons (105)

  • Colin joined the race on March 28, 2021, 6:09 PM

  • Sue joined the race on March 28, 2021, 6:04 PM

  • Albert joined the race on March 28, 2021, 4:05 PM

  • Blue joined the race on March 28, 2021, 4:05 PM

  • Branston joined the race on March 28, 2021, 4:05 PM