Starz Fostering C.I.C.

Starz is a small not for profit community interest fostering agency in its fledgling year. We strive to be a learning organisation and believe books are an essential way of not only learning new knowledge but relaxing and spending time with your children.

Good books can offer a time to decompress and chill, they can offer the chance to learn new knowledge and skills. They can build relationships as we share what we have read with others such as our children.

Starz is working hard on building a library for our children and carers filled with good quality books for our children and foster carers.

Please buy a balloon for £3 and all the money will go to buying books for our library and also to provide each new carer coming to panel with Starz a therapeutic reading book such as “The A-Z of therapeutic Parenting” by Sarah Naish or “The whole Brain child by Dr’s Bryson & Seigel”.

Although Starz wants to create a library mixed with both fiction and fun reading for all our children. We also want to collect some specialist books such as “I am stronger than you” by Elizabeth Cole which helps young children learn about anger management.
Each Balloon will contribute towards a new book as they cost around £12 for a children’s book and £30 for a therapeutic carers book.

We are hoping that all the non-therapeutic books for children can be donated or found by us in charity shops. So, all monies raised will go towards the specialist therapeutic books.

The 3 wining balloons will all win a choice of prize. To find out more about the Prizes available or to read more about Starz Fostering and our statement of purpose please go to

If you would like more information about becoming a foster carer or other ways you can support our work, please get in touch at or call Nicky on 07765456972

Our fundraising target is: £1000

Gross monies raised so far: £216

Supporters so far: 18

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