Longfield Community Hospice

Longfield Hospice support adults living with life-limiting illnesses, their carers, families and the recently bereaved through a range of locally based free services. We offer a Hospice at Home service, enabling people in the last three months of life to stay at home, safe in familiar surroundings with family and loved ones. We also provide a variety of day services, therapies and counselling to promote wellbeing and help families deal with grief. We sum up the benefits of what we offer as ‘Living Well; Dying Well; Caring Well’. Last year Longfield provided free care and support to over 1,200 patients, families and carers, this requires us to raise £3.6 million this year, which can only be achieved thanks to your support.

Since the pandemic Longfield has suffered a loss of income, our shops were closed for nearly three months and face-to- face fundraising is not currently possible, so we are embracing new ways of fundraising and this is your chance to get involved. The virtual balloon race is eco-friendly and it’s a great way to show your support of Longfield. Join in and have some fun, safe from your sofa! You get to choose your balloon and decorate it, then watch it on its journey, starting from the Sahara. Get your family and friends involved and race them to the finish.

The race starts on Saturday 8th August- so sign up today!

Our fundraising target is: £1000

Gross monies raised so far: £399

Supporters so far: 49

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Top 20 balloons within cause

  • #1 Yats: travelled 1,214.88km FINISHED

  • #2 Bry and John: travelled 1,206.06km FINISHED

  • #3 P&C 3: travelled 1,147.27km FINISHED

  • #4 Pipster's Puffin: travelled 1,138.50km FINISHED

  • #5 Alice: travelled 1,114.75km FINISHED

  • #6 Mike: travelled 1,086.37km FINISHED

  • #7 Balloon: travelled 1,078.05km FINISHED

  • #8 Crafty Elaine: travelled 1,077.87km FINISHED

  • #9 My shining star Daddy : travelled 1,058.24km FINISHED

  • #10 Balloon: travelled 1,044.95km FINISHED

  • #11 Lesley and Paula: travelled 1,041.96km FINISHED

  • #12 In memory of Paul Holland: travelled 999.84km FINISHED

  • #13 Yeatesey: travelled 989.84km FINISHED

  • #14 Swifty: travelled 989.10km FINISHED

  • #15 JakenAli Aim High: travelled 986.99km FINISHED

  • #16 René’s Porsche : travelled 980.60km FINISHED

  • #17 GRH6: travelled 975.70km FINISHED

  • #18 Balloon: travelled 969.60km FINISHED

  • #19 Adrian C: travelled 962.46km FINISHED

  • #20 Becky C: travelled 956.94km FINISHED

Supporter Balloons (133)

  • Daddy Egg joined the race on June 30, 2020, 5:58 PM

  • Charlie E joined the race on June 30, 2020, 5:58 PM

  • Ellis Family joined the race on June 30, 2020, 1:36 PM