Shakespeare Hospice and Welcombe Hills School - Stilton Sniffers - Many Cause Specific Prizes

Each year we raise money for The Welcombe Hills School and The Shakespeare Hospice by way of a golf day. This year has been very different and our golf day has been cancelled. The two causes continue to need lots of support and this is our chosen way of doing it. The Sniffers is a group of people from the village of Norton Lindsey in Warwickshire, who's motto is "To do some good whilst having fun" In addition to the overall prizes, our furthest balloons will win one of the following additional prizes
Butterfly Farm family ticket
6 x MAD Museum Stratford family tickets
Warwick Sports Voucher
£100 Huffkins Hamper
Warwick Books Voucher
Pencil Portrait by Frances Holdsworth
Cheeseboard from The Deli in Warwick
Magnum of fine Wine from Berry Bros and Rudd
Hatton Country World Tickets
A Team oven clean voucher
4 ball at Stratford on Avon Golf Club
Glider flight at Stratford on Avon Gliding Club
Caddyboo golf towel
MOT Wash and Vac at ASPI Cars
Oscar Jacobs experience - Chauffeur driven pick up in luxury car and dinner for 2 at a Stratford restaurant - 25 mile radius and restaurant to be confirmed
2 tickets to the next 2 Sniffers events
Family ticket for Canal and River Tours Stratford
wow, wow, wow

Our fundraising target is: £5000

Gross monies raised so far: £3912

Supporters so far: 253

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  • #18 Happy Birthday Charlie!!!: travelled 957.54km FINISHED

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