Welcome to Friends of Abbeymead School first-ever Virtual Balloon Race – we’d love you to take part in our Back to School fundraiser! (NB This is virtual ... so totally environmentally friendly and there is no risk to wildlife!!).

Star Prizes (for all charities joining this race):
1st - £500 cash prize,
2nd - iPad,
And 10 x £10 book tokens

The Friends of Abbeymead School will also be giving away some additional prizes !
Hatton Court Dinner for Two
Hatton Court Tea for Two.
Batsford Arboretum – Family ticket
All Things Wild – Family Ticket.

Follow the link below to buy and customise as many balloons as you like at £3 per balloon, and watch on Google Maps as they fly across Moscow and to wherever the wind takes them! The 7-day computer simulation race starts on 14th September at midday, and the software uses current live weather data to determine the progress of each virtual balloon.

Due to Covid-19 we sadly had to cancel all the events that were planned for the end of the school year 2019-20. While we fully appreciate and understand that this is a very difficult time for many but we hope you will join in to help us to recoup some of the funds that the school will have lost out on.

Please do share details about the event and encourage family and friends to purchase a balloon.

Our fundraising target is: £500

Gross monies raised so far: £222

Supporters so far: 29

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Top 20 balloons within cause

  • #1 The Browne Bomber: travelled 976.46km FINISHED

  • #2 Albert purcell: travelled 887.77km FINISHED

  • #3 Lola D-M: travelled 826.50km FINISHED

  • #4 The Flying Haggis!: travelled 817.18km FINISHED

  • #5 Su: travelled 753.90km FINISHED

  • #6 Anand: travelled 753.00km FINISHED

  • #7 Henry Knott: travelled 750.87km FINISHED

  • #8 Siaash: travelled 750.31km FINISHED

  • #9 Aariv : travelled 742.88km FINISHED

  • #10 LOVE ALL: travelled 710.12km FINISHED

  • #11 Stan Turner’s Stormer: travelled 708.30km FINISHED

  • #12 RAK little bro 001: travelled 701.77km FINISHED

  • #13 Huggy's Hot Air Ballon: travelled 666.62km FINISHED

  • #14 Fi's Fizzy Pop : travelled 641.52km FINISHED

  • #15 Balloon: travelled 617.68km FINISHED

  • #16 Finleys Flying Machine: travelled 606.20km FINISHED

  • #17 Super Balloon: travelled 561.87km FINISHED

  • #18 Harriet purcell: travelled 552.15km FINISHED

  • #19 Balloon: travelled 536.45km FINISHED

  • #20 Holly S : travelled 532.23km FINISHED

Supporter Balloons (74)

  • Ben J joined the race on September 4, 2020, 7:04 AM

  • Henry Knott joined the race on August 19, 2020, 5:02 PM

  • PBlake Year 6 2019-20 joined the race on August 18, 2020, 3:34 PM

  • L Blake 100 joined the race on August 18, 2020, 3:22 PM