1st Welwyn Garden City Scouts- Zac Lewis & Penelope Dunn - World Scout Jamboree

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Please help support our fundraising to get to the World Scout Jamboree in in SaeManGeum, South Korea, in August 2023. Please buy a virtual balloon that will be released a year to the day that we go to South Korea to meet up with Scouts from all over the world. The balloons that go the furthest will win a prize and you can watch your balloon at they race!

We are very excited to have been selected to represent Welwyn Garden City and Hertfordshire as part of the UK contingent. The Jamboree takes place every four years and involves 40,000 young people from across the world. We will come together in our units from across the world to share experiences of our cultures. The trip will be a once in a lifetime experience and encourage us to be more independent and try new things as well as meet new people. We are trying to act together to encourage sustainability and make positive changes towards a better world. Our motto is: Think Big. Dream Wild. Act Together.
We each have to raise £3,750 to cover the cost of our trip, and to help a scout from a developing country to get to South Korea.

Please buy a virtual balloon and you could win a prize if your balloon travels the furthest as well as helping us achieve our dream.
As well as the prizes on offer there will be an extra prize for the balloon that goes the furthest from this fundraiser. This will be 10% of the money that we raise. You can buy as many balloons as you would like and customise them to try and win!

Thank you!

Zac & Penelope

our fundraising pages are here:
and here:

How does it work?

- Design your balloon, including changing flight parameters - balloon helium contents (1 - 5 litres of gas) ; shape; thickness of rubber.

- Watch your balloon launch and race online on the 1st August 2022 as part of a wider 'Jamboree' race, encompassing multiple people raising money for the Jamboree

- The tech does the work for you! Balloons are subject to mathematical and physics algorithms to simulate a flight pattern based on your balloon’s individual flight parameters plus the real weather conditions at that actual time such as the prevailing wind speed and current temperature. The advanced computer modelling programme is then linked to a mapping provider and Aeris, a commercial global weather data supplier. Ecoracing has access to around 12,000 weather stations including Antarctica and the North Pole.

Our fundraising target is: £1000

Gross monies raised so far: £20

Supporters so far: 3

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