has been specifically designed to be easy to use. If you have any queries, then your first point of reference should be the Race Guide. Here you will find how to decorate your balloon, track its’ progress and do everything to help you win and have some fun. Occasionally, however, if you have deliberately chosen not to read the instructions in the Race Guide, you may wonder about the following

I’ve gifted an Activation Code, but I can’t decorate it.

Yes, the key point here is that the balloon (aka an activation code) has been given to someone else. So, it is now not yours and will appear in someone else’s dashboard for them to decorate.

The most likely explanation is that you have inserted an incorrect email address, text or WhatsApp number.

I can’t get to my dashboard

Have you created an account? Without an account you don’t have a dashboard. When you sign in, the system takes you directly there.

I’ve received an Activation Code gift, but for some reason I can’t activate it.

The most likely explanation is that you have not created an account and signed in. You must have an account to activate a balloon in your dashboard.

I’ve gifted an Activation Code (balloon), but I don’t think my relative will redeem it. Does the money still go to the charity?

Yes, is the answer. Many people buy balloons purely as a mechanism to donate towards their favourite charity. They are not that bothered about taking part.