For Cause / Charity Managers


1. Click [ create a cause ] button on the homepage. If a registered charity - Click right and search for yourselves in the Charity Commission database. Click on yourselves.
2. On the next screen, click [ fundraise for us ] and create an account as we need to know who you are.


3. When you have created your account, you will be presented with a blank 'cause page' which you will fill in with relevant content, video etc. Select the race you want to enter.
4. Check out Section D of the attached Sales Tool Kit. You should use your unique race URL for all Social Media, Emails, web links etc. And do consider an internal prize or two as it significantly increases motivation.
5. The [ Race Guide ] which is the middle button on the homepage has everything else you need to know.


In the top bar of your cause page is your personal race ID.

Use this ID to create your unique race URL by placing https:// in front. In the example above, the charity’s URL is Their shortened version is

The URL is very important as it saves supporters any need for them to search for you on It takes them direct to your cause page and bypasses everything - they will not know any other charities are in the race.

A third and another good option is to create a memorable link from your charity website, for example

Ensure you use these links on all promotional materials, communications, and Press Releases about the race. You may also wish to include it in email footers in the run up to the race.

Balloon Buying and Gifting, Activating Codes


Before you can buy a balloon, gift an activation code, activate a gifted code, or start fundraising for your own cause, you must create an account  here otherwise we do not know who you are if your balloon wins.

Each balloon costs just £3 and you can buy as many balloons as you want to increase your chances of winning, and of course, indirectly donate more to your favourite cause.



Sign in to go direct to your personal dashboard. Click the [ buy / gift / activate ] button just below future races. An alphabetical list of causes and charities is displayed - select the cause or charity you favour / support. On the cause page click the blue button
[ Buy balloons for you | Buy activation codes to gift | Activate a gifted code ]
The next screen will then give you 3 options.

Click [ Buy balloons for you ] and buy as many balloons for your favoured charity that you can afford. Alternatively, you can buy activation codes to gift to friends and family – note that an activation code is the same as a purchased balloon i.e. is valuable.

Click [ Buy activation codes to gift ] and buy as many codes as you wish to give to friends and family. A code is the same as a balloon but prepaid and therefore free to the recipient. All the purchased codes will be sent directly to you by email for redistribution by any suitable method - email, text or WhatsApp, for example. Please ensure you use the person’s correct email address or telephone number as mistakes cannot be rectified


You need to create an account here otherwise we don’t know who you are if you win. Signing in takes you directly to your dashboard. Click the [ buy / gift / activate ] button just below future races. An alphabetical list of causes is displayed - select the cause or charity you favour / support. On the favoured cause page click the blue button
[ Buy balloons for you | Buy activation codes to gift | Activate a gifted code ]

Enter your code in the [ Activate a gifted code ] field and click Activate. Repeat, if necessary, with more codes. Well done, a balloon has been added to your account. It appears in your dashboard and can be found in the central [ view / decorate / track ] button of the cause you are supporting.

Decorating and Tracking


Sign in to go direct to your personal dashboard.

On the left under Recently Supported you will see the cause(s) you’ve chosen. There are three yellow buttons. Click [ View / decorate / track ] to display your balloons and click on them individually to decorate. Remember to save all your design and parameter changes - the [ Save changes ] button is at the bottom of the page.



When on your dashboard you can ‘customise’ each balloon by changing various parameters - balloon helium contents; shape; thickness of rubber.
Reflecting real life, virtual balloons just like latex ones, can pop if the balloon parameters are not suited to the weather. For example, maximising helium content, having the fastest shape and thinnest rubber during stormy weather is not advisable. So, looking at the predicted weather for your race period prior to customisation helps your chances of winning.


At the designated race launch time and at any time thereafter, you can see the virtual launch sequence on the race homepage. You do not need to login, just go to the Race Page and click on [ launch visual ].

Balloons are subject to a simulated flight pattern based on your balloon’s individual flight parameters plus the real weather conditions at that actual time such as the prevailing wind speed and current temperature. This simulation uses an advanced computer modelling programme linked to Google maps and, Aeris, a commercial global weather data supplier.


The leading 100 Balloons

All 100 race leading balloons can be seen at any time 24/7 during the race. Information shown includes the straight-line distance travelled in kilometres from the launch point, plus the balloon’s latitude and longitude.
The button [ race leaders ] is found just above the race map on the Race page.

Your Balloons

To locate and track your balloons, Sign in and go to your dashboard.
On the left under Recently Supported you will see the cause(s) you’ve chosen. There are three yellow buttons. Click [ view / decorate / track ] to display your balloons. Click on them individually to see their tracking on Google Maps and satellites.

If ranked outside the top100, a ranking of 100+ will be displayed.

Revenues, Prizes and legal


Gross revenue for your cause is simply no of balloons sold x £3; this figure is constantly shown on your cause / charity page; for example, £9 from 3 balloon purchases. Our linear system operating costs of 21.7% are then deducted from that gross figure. A typical calculation is below.


Fairhaven Primary in Stourbridge sold 200 balloons for one of our races. The school PTA (cause) received (200 x £3) – 21.7% = £600 – £130.20 = £469.80 nett.
No statements are issued, and the nett amount is transferred automatically though the BACS banking payment platform 7 working days after the race finishes. This period is a mandatory banking regulation to allow for charity fraud checks and credit card chargebacks. If you have not already supplied your cause bank details during the set-up process, please ping them over to
Sales of 5 balloons or less will be credited to the next participated race.


All races are 7 days in duration and the winning balloon is the one that has flown the furthest, as measured in a straight line from the launch location. Note that a popped / burst balloon can still win if the wind direction changes and sends the still-flying balloons backwards in a reverse direction.
The winner will be emailed with confirmation that they have won the race and with details of how to contact the organiser to arrange receiving their prize. To further comply with Gambling Commission and equality rules, winner will be asked a difficult question not readily ‘Googled'. One prize only per contestant.
We give special bonus revenues for any cause or charity selling high numbers of balloons. For example, sales of 500 plus balloons by Anywhere Chess Club will create extra revenue of £50, 1000 plus sales equals £100.
Race prizes are publicised on the website homepage; are strictly not negotiable; may vary without notice, and no correspondence will be entered regarding them. However, if a winner is from another country, Ecoracing management will make efforts to send over a cash equivalent in their local currency by electronic transfer.


When fundraising on behalf of a registered charity, it is normal protocol to inform that charity of your intentions. Importantly, the individual fundraiser will not receive any monies as all the revenues raised will be transferred directly by BACS into to the official bank account of that specific charity. This rule does not apply where the cause is trying to help another individual, in distress perhaps or needing an expensive operation in the USA for example. Unregistered charities or causes will be scrutinised and reviewed on an individual basis. Written evidence may be required to ensure public financial probity.