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300 people are diagnosed with macular disease every day. It’s the biggest cause of blindness in the UK and can affect anyone – even children.

The Macular Society is the only charity determined to beat the fear and isolation of macular disease with world class research, and the best advice and support, funded by our wonderful members and donors. Only research will lead to a cure to Beat Macular Disease for the next generation. Advice & information 0300 3030 111,

Join our 100% eco-friendly virtual balloon race this Christmas and, together, let's Beat Macular Disease!

You'll be blown away by how simple it is to get involved:
1. Buy a balloon or gift one to a friend or relative (£3 each) - you'll be asked to create an account so they know who each balloon belongs to
2. Decorate your balloon and change its flight parameters
3. Sit back and watch your balloon as it races from Santa's Village in Lapland (Race starts 12 noon, 25 December 2022)
4. Will your balloon fly the furthest by New Year's Day?

Prizes (provided by EcoRacing for Overall winners of the Christmas Race)
1st place - £100 cash
2nd place - Amazon Alexa / Echo Dot 4th Generation!

Ecoracing is an internet based, virtual balloon race that uses real weather data and interactive mapping for real-time flight path tracking. No wildlife is harmed, climate change isn't affected and there's no litter!

Please share and invite your family and friends to join our balloon race. We can't wait to see this take off and fill the sky with Macular Society balloons!

Our fundraising target is: £1000

Gross monies raised so far: £24

Supporters so far: 4

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