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Welcome to Watlington Primary School’s World Environment Day Virtual Balloon Race – virtual balloons launch from Chengar Char Bangladesh on 5th June and race for 7 days.

The PTA took part in a couple of virtual balloon races in 2020 and we never expected it to be so much fun!! Our supporters told us that it was such fun tracking their balloons and seeing where they were in comparison to family and friends – and it got quite competitive between the classrooms and in some households!!
This Balloon race is VIRTUAL, so totally environmentally friendly and there is no risk to any wildlife!!!

We will be taking part in a national race, competing against each other and other schools and charities. Star Prizes for all causes joining the race are:
1st - £100
2nd – Amazon Alexa / Echo Dot 4th Generation

In addition to the above prizes, Watlington PTA will also be awarding six prizes GUARANTEED to be won by those buying a balloon for Watlington:

1st - Snettisham Park Farm and Deer Safari - family ticket
2nd - Majestic Cinema, Kings Lynn - 2 tickets
3rd - Sealife Centre, Hunstanton - 2 tickets
4th - Stories of Lynn Museum - family ticket
5th - Birdhouse Brewery - 3 bottles of beer gift pack
6th - Majestic Wines, Kings Lynn - wine tasting session for 6 people

We have also gifted a balloon to each of our classes at school - as well as a balloon for the teachers and support staff. Their winning balloon will win a class prize of their choice, to be provided by the PTA.

????Click on the BLUE bar below to buy as many balloons as you like.
???? Each balloon costs £3.
???? Don’t forget to name and customise your balloon.
???? For added competition and excitement you can also alter your balloon’s parameters at any time before the start of the race to help increase your chances of winning.
???? Buy your balloons before 11am on 5th June

The 7-day simulation race goes live at 12 midday on 5th June 2023.
???? You can watch on Google maps as they all leave Chengar Char Bangladesh and fly to wherever the current weather conditions take them! The computer software uses current live weather data to determine the progress of each virtual balloon.

There is no limit to the amount of balloons which you buy; the more you purchase the greater your chances of winning one of the fantastic prizes, and every balloon you buy will make a difference to the profit which Watlington Primary School’s PTA makes from the race.

Whilst we fully appreciate and understand that this is a very difficult time for many, we do hope you will join in to help us, and have fun tracking your balloons as they fly to wherever the wind takes them

Our aim as Watlington Primary School PTA is to support the school by raising money to enhance, enrich and improve learning experiences for the children - and provide some fun too!!

If you could share this event with your family and friends, we would really appreciate it ????

Our fundraising target is: £250

Gross monies raised so far: £66

Supporters so far: 11

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