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Our school is an amazing place where we all love to encourage our children to enjoy all aspects of learning and social skills. The wonderful events that we host each year are an important part of that and have helped to contribute to important and fun aspects of the school learning. In 2020 this has included the book vending machine used to reward the children who get the Head Teacher's prize and also to pay around half the cost of new iPads for the school. These have been incredibly useful in a very strange year due to coronavirus. We are optimistic that the next academic year will allow more of our usual events but in the mean time we need to raise funds to continue helping the school and our children going forward.

You’ll be able to choose the shape, colour and pattern of your virtual balloon and even determine its weight by choosing how much helium goes into it. You can write on your balloon too so why not add your name or send a message to someone! It could make a great gift for a loved one. The balloon design process is really easy and great fun for kids and adults alike so please all join in!! Just like a real balloon race, your balloon could be affected by the weather, wind speed, the shape you choose, and high flying geese!

All balloons will be launched virtually at 12 noon on 14th February 2020 from the Eiffel Tower in Paris! After the race starts you’ll be able to follow your balloon on a Google map as it travels across the country, or even overseas! The race lasts for 7 days and the winners will be the balloons that reach the furthest point in a straight line at the end of the seven days.

There will be hundreds of other balloons in the race as you’ll be competing against other charities and organisations from across the UK as well as fellow Deer Park Primary supporters, but don't worry, as well as the grand prizes on offer from EcoRacing the PTA will be offering some great cash prizes for Deer Park winners too.

Each balloon costs £3, and all the funds raised from the virtual balloon race will go towards our PTA funds to make sure we can continue to support the school.

Enjoy the race!

Our fundraising target is: £500

Gross monies raised so far: £24

Supporters so far: 5

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