Spectrumental & The MMHM Project

My wonderful team and I are currently crowdfunding to help raise money to not only take spectrumental & The MMHM Project out into the community but also to continue for you guys to have things for free.
The funding will buy equipment, training, all the legal side of things, setting up properly.

We would love for this funding to also enable us to finding the right place to set up "A Safe Place.

This will be exactly what it says on the tin a place to talk with the confidence of you are suicidal, having thoughts of self-harm or have self-harmed and have intervention from fully qualified staff.,
We are there of you need somewhere to talk, turn to need a cuppa and let your hair down to be able to just breath and knowing everything is safe and strictly confidential.

We can offer support, advice & information as well as have trained staff to give peer support as well fully trained EMT to administer first aid if needed as well as the ability to be able to refer to services if needed as part of the intervention. 

I set up The MMHM Project to help all men & their families to be able to openly talk about their Mental Health and Autism journeys.

I look around and there is nothing in terms of support for Men in general, Fathers or caregivers etc. So I decided I have to help make this change and help men of all ages find their voice and openly talk about these things in a safe environment.

What is our aim for the community?

We want men to feel as important when it comes to them being listened to and heard when it comes to their Emotions and mental health and well-being as well as being supported as a father, uncle, brother, care provider etc if you are dealing with someone who is autistic. We want to get the men in your life the support and help they deserve.

What will our work do?

We want to hold workshops to help you to have a conversation with the men in your lives to learn and understand about Mental Health and well-being and how to have an open discussion about it. We want to reach out to Fathers, brothers, uncles, caregivers and help them understand and learn more about autism and how they can be supported properly and to be able to reach out for help.

We want to support those who have been in prison and their families and work with them in helping to support, advise as well as helping them to find job opportunities, build on life skills, find accommodation and use the skills they have learnt whilst in prison to help them reach their dreams and to stay on the right side of the law.

We want to help Males and their families understand what Mental Health is and help them to help their loved ones when it is needed.

We want to help the LGBTQ community with Issues of

It will help us have the proper training to help men and their families when they have been subjected to domestic violence.

Help get our blanket box project out there to help the homeless and help them with any addictions they may have mental health they may be enduring as well as helping them to learn life skills as well as look for accommodation and jobs to give them a new start in life.

Bring workshops out to help build on their talents to help them stay focused manage good mental well being and to bring about why mental health shouldn't be shameful to speak about.

This will be for everyone to have that peace of mind knowing that there is somewhere that can support them out there.

Our fundraising target is: £500

Gross monies raised so far: £0

Supporters so far: 0

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