The Breast Centre Appeal is part of Cardiff & Vale Health Charity, registered charity number, 1056544. The Appeal was launched in February 2013, to raise funds to provide a bespoke service for patients going through breast cancer.

The Breast Centre at University Hospital Llandough treats between 450 and 500 new breast cancer patients every year; for initial investigations, follow-up treatment and patients returning for results. At a time when patients may be very anxious they tell us it makes a huge difference to them to have a streamlined service with everything under one roof.

The Breast Centre Appeal raised the money to build the Centre, which is designed around the needs of our patients. The Centre houses out-patient clinics and diagnostic radiology services together, close to the ward and operating facilities. This means that fewer patients need to stay in hospital overnight. Patients can have a mammogram or ultrasound and get their results on the same day; then if further investigations are needed these can also be carried out at the Centre.

Donations to the Breast Centre Appeal are used to provide free complimentary therapy to patients, provide specialist undergarments for post-operative ladies and provides an exercise prescription programme for women/men with Breast Cancer and use of our in house Breast Centre gym - all funded through the appeal.

Our fundraising target is: £1000

Gross monies raised so far: £0

Supporters so far: 0

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