Please buy a balloon and enter the race before 4 April 2021 12pm, for a chance to win a prize and support Tetherdown school. The balloon is £3 and you can buy as many as you want!

Why are we doing it? Friends of Tetherdown are raising money for our lovely school.

Why does fundraising matter - doesn’t local authority funding cover everything the school needs? Well, the short answer is, no! Eight out of ten state primary schools were worse off in 2020 than in 2015. The reality is that without fundraising, certain school equipment and pupil opportunities will be out of reach for Tetherdown, especially with the additional costs of Covid measures.

Over the past two years, Friends of Tetherdown has raised £90,000 for the school. Our success is testament to your generosity, time and energy in contributing to the events and activities, so a big thank you to you all!

What will my money go towards? The money raised has been used to fund everything from repairs to playground equipment, books and subscriptions, to big-ticket items such as upgrades to security and the complete overhaul of the school’s IT (which has been so essential during the pandemic).

This year, some of the items the school is looking to invest in include the purchase of one-to-one devices to use both at school and during any lockdowns or case isolations, assistance for those struggling with reading and more playground equipment.

So please do buy a balloon and you can also gift a balloon to friends and family and help support your child's education and wellbeing at Tetherdown.

Thank you!

Our fundraising target is: £600

Gross monies raised so far: £15

Supporters so far: 2

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