Howley Grange Primary School PTA

We would like to raise money to help support our Schools Accelerated Reader Appeal, as well as other initiatives through the year which enhance each child’s learning experience.
The Literacy Lead has identified some gaps in our current reading stock and we would like to raise funds to purchase some newer and more varied texts.
We are looking to raise £1,000, to buy additional Accelerated Reader books. We will also keep some money back in order that we can obtain more titles as the year goes on, therefore ensuring the children have something new and exciting to read.
What’s more, once we have raised the money, we will be selecting a group of children to visit to the Peter’s showroom in Birmingham to choose the books themselves!
We want our children to read more. International evidence indicates reading for pleasure offers cognitive, social and emotional benefits, helping children make connections with each other, their teachers, families and the wider world.

Our fundraising target is: £2500

Gross monies raised so far: £6

Supporters so far: 1

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