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It’s 2021 & here we are sadly in another lockdown which means that the White Hill Centre is currently closed again to members, activities for local groups & hirers. This is seriously affecting our income which is vital in ensuring that we can maintain and preserve our historic building for the benefit of all age groups of our community.
In January 2020 we had a huge unexpected expenditure when the boiler system for the building irreparably failed. A new efficient boiler system had to be installed at a cost in excess of £32,000. We have been carefully managing this expenditure but the arrival of the COVID19 pandemic with lockdowns and, when we could be open, restrictions on activities and hires has adversely impacted our income stream.
The White Hill Centre is wholly owned & run by the Chesham & District Community Association, which is a registered charity. Our income comes from our membership, centre users & activities etc.
Please can you offer your support to the White Hill Centre by means of making a donation. We are extremely grateful for any donation you can make. We now have a fundraising platform with the PayPal Giving Fund which can be accessed by clicking on the image link below. Neither you nor the WHC will be charged a fee by PayPal for your kind donation.
Thank you for reading our appeal and can we ask if you would please share this post to your family & friends ????
Please visit our website for more info on our Centre & activities: www.whitehillcentre.org.uk

Our fundraising target is: £1000

Gross monies raised so far: £12

Supporters so far: 2

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