Abingdon Riding for the Disabled Group

We have 12 horses and ponies to feed and care for in order to run our riding and therapy sessions for disabled clients. Our clients gain valuable physiotherapy from horse riding which helps reduce pain, increase strength and coordination, and enable them to be independent when they perhaps can't in many other areas of life. It also helps build confidence, grow friendships, help regulate emotions and teach valuable life skills in a fun and rewarding atmosphere. Due to COVID19 we have had to remain largely closed since March 2020, yet our ponies still cost us the same to keep. If we want to be able to reopen to clients after lockdown, we must keep our ponies fit and well without reducing the number of ponies, which would reduce the number of sessions we would be able to run. The cost to keep our ponies is roughly £2000 per week whether we are open or closed. COVID19 has also greatly reduced our fundraising opportunities that we usually utilise - which also greatly reduces our income that would usually go to keeping our horses, so we are having to find other avenues of fundraising.

Our fundraising target is: £10000

Gross monies raised so far: £1452

Supporters so far: 124

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