MPS Society's Ecoracing Easter Balloon Race

Lockdown has been difficult for our families and supporters so we thought we'd have some fun and raise some money by launching our first ever MPS Society Virtual Balloon Race just in time for Easter. The Ecoracing Easter Race starts in Jerusalem Old City at 12pm on 4th April 2021 and will last for 7 days. Join in the fun by purchasing your balloon below. You can then decorate it how you like and watch it compete with other balloons supporting other great causes.

There are some amazing prizes for the top winners in the Ecoracing Easter Race:

1st Prize £500
2nd Prize Apple iPad
3rd Prize 10 lucky winners will win a £10 book token

We'll be tracking everyone who is racing for the MPS Society and will offer 3 exciting prizes to the top 3 MPS Society balloons.

More info about our charity can be found below and if you have any questions please email

Best of luck in the race and thank you for supporting the MPS Society.

The MPS Society provides support for children and families affected by MPS, Fabry and related rare conditions. We provide vital support to the whole family for as long as they need us as well as focusing on funding and collaborating on innovative, world-class research that can make a positive impact for those affected. We raise awareness as we want all families to receive the fastest possible diagnosis so they can start receiving treatment and support as soon as possible and we also champion new and existing therapies. There is no cure for MPS, Fabry and the related diseases we support but with each new advancement in treatment, we help to ensure that lives are lived to the fullest.

Our fundraising target is: £300

Gross monies raised so far: £0

Supporters so far: 0

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