The volunteers of Friends of Keech support the hospice by fundraising and raising awareness of the charity through a variety of activities and are enormously grateful for whatever people can do or give.
As a charity, Keech relies on supporters for around 70% of funding. This means £6 million needs to be raised every year to continue specialist care for children and adults, and their families. Due to Covid-19, and charity shops being closed and fundraising events and activities cancelled, there is a funding gap of £30,000 every week.
As a charity, Keech provides free, specialist care for adults and children with life-limiting and terminal illnesses, as well as vital support for their family and friends. Care is not just provided at the hospice itself but in the hospital, school, care or family home – wherever support is needed the most.
We would like you to join us in this Virtual balloon race to help Keech Hospice Care continue to provide care and support to patients and their families. For just £3 your balloon will be making a difference when it matters the most.

Our fundraising target is: £2000

Gross monies raised so far: £318

Supporters so far: 37

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  • #1 Big teej : travelled 626.53km FINISHED

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