Shannon's Marathon Fundraiser!

On Sunday 12th September 2021, I will be taking on the Brighton Marathon for Mind Charity ... That's about 42 kilometres, or 26 miles and, in my estimations, around 5 hours of constant running.

I decided to fundraise for Mind due to the loss of two people in my family - my Grandad, Jim Hartley, and my Uncle, Ed Hartley - both of whom committed suicide.

For all suffering with their mental health, Mind provide vital services, empowering those who suffer from mental health problems while also campaigning to improve services and raise awareness. The more people understand mental health, the more likely it is that individuals in crisis will reach out and get the help they need. Ultimately, meaning that tragedies can be avoided and people can recover.

While I was originally due to compete in the Brighton Marathon 2020, the impact of coronavirus has postponed this to 2021. I originally saw this as a huge knock, as I had worked so hard to be ready for April 2020. However, now I view this as an opportunity to increase my strength and continue to fundraise including (albeit optimistically) raising my fundraising goal to £3,000, an extra £1,000 on my original target.

Running the Brighton Marathon will be a real challenge for me. However, this cause is so important to me and my family, so if you do have some money to spare, please consider donating to this wonderful charity.

My Mind number: CDN-058674

Our fundraising target is: £500

Gross monies raised so far: £18

Supporters so far: 5

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