Nkuringo Education and Community Support is a UK based charity supporting the community of Nkuringo in South East Uganda.
Our aims are;
>the prevention, or relief, of poverty by providing grants, aid and services to individuals and groups.
>to advance the education of pupils attending the primary and secondary schools in Nkuringo through the provision of facilities and student sponsorship to those who otherwise would be unable to afford to attend.
>the relief of sickness and promotion of health through advice and the provision of healthcare.

Every six months, until 2020, we took a party of 24 sponsors out to visit the community, but all this has been put on hold due to the Covid pandemic. We take over a ton of aid and money to improve the physical infrastructure including water tanks for the village, building classrooms and dorms and solar panels. Thanks to sponsors across the world, we have over 350 children in full time education, many boarding due to the distance from home, and all receiving food.

NECS sent emergency donations to fill hungry tummies and tools and seeds to ensure a good harvest and this has helped to rebuild lives. Pop up classes throughout the summer have kept children’s education ticking over, and school has officially restarted, with masks and sanitiser. Like the UK, they are not back to normal but are finding their feet.

There is still little employment and families are desperate to find ways to feed children who would normally be at school, receiving a lunch or boarding through termtime. This has put a huge strain on resources and, sadly, 5 of the secondary school girls have been married off in exchange for a dowry to help family coffers. We’re deeply saddened by the loss of their opportunity of an education and are resolved to working locally to identify other girls at risk and support through education and the provision of more food to struggling groups.

This fund raiser will help the people of Nkuringo to keep their heads above water until such times as they are able to rebuild their jobs and economy. We want to deliver emergency food where there is real hardship, and the tools to grow their own crops. To provide, or rebuild shelters, mend and facilitate water collection to take advantage of the wet season, support the education of those children in school, and encourage others back, where safe.

If all our FaceBook supporters (343), brought just one balloon, we would raise over £800 (after commission)! And someone would be £500 better off! What would you use that money for?!

Our fundraising target is: £500

Gross monies raised so far: £153

Supporters so far: 16

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