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The Coronation Day race marking the Queen's 70th year on the throne is the perfect occasion to raise more funds towards our target of £70k before Julie Fisher (Mum) would have been turning 70 herself! Julie raised £25k for The Brain Tumour Charity through her own Heads Up fund. When her life was cut short in 2015 from a complicated operation on her brain tumour that we hoped would save her we knew we needed to continue her efforts and keep raising awareness and funds for this vital charity who had given her and us so much support. When we started the campaign we had reached a total of £60k and we have until her 70th birthday (March 26th 2022) to reach our target of £70k. To date we are 45% of the way to achieving our target! But we still have a way to go . . .

So, on Coronation Day (June 2nd 2021) we are joining forces with other charities and we invite you, your family and friends to participate by purchasing a virtual balloon/s for just £3 each. Every balloon will be in with a chance of winning one of these top national prizes:

• 1st £500 cash
• 2nd Apple iPad
• 10 lucky winners of a £10 Book Token

We will also be announcing some additional prizes exclusive to our 70 before 70 balloons nearer the race date.

The virtual race starts at noon on June 2nd from Westminster Abbey and will run for 7 days. The virtual balloon that "travels" the furthest wins! Virtual balloons can be purchased by clicking on the Blue "Buy Balloons" Ribbon below. When designing your virtual balloons take extra care to choose the right materials and configuration as this will help or hinder your chances of winning the race, and there is also a small matter of real-time weather to be taken into consideration. Don’t forget to track your virtual balloon's progress by logging into your “Dashboard”. Good luck and may the best balloon win!

We would love for people to support our cause and buy multiple balloons if you can - the more balloons you have in the race, the greater your chance of winning a great prize! To read more about our campaign please visit www.https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/70-before-70

Our fundraising target is: £500

Gross monies raised so far: £45

Supporters so far: 6

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