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We cannot have a Steam Rally again this year due to Covid, but with the wonders of technology and your support we can have a Virtual Balloon Race to help replenish our charity funds.

We hope you will join our Virtual Balloon Race that launches at noon on 2nd June 2021 from Westminster Abbey, London. By joining in you will help us raise funds for the good causes we support locally in Abergavenny, Nationally and Internationally – see below for more details of these. The race uses actual weather conditions at the launch site and where your balloon is throughout the 7 days of the race. You can follow your balloon throughout the race with updates every 30 minutes.

In buying Balloons for £3 each, you not only have a chance of winning a great prize, but you can also have fun creating your own unique design. Get your family, friends, colleagues, and club members to join in as well and see whose balloon travels the furthest. If you want to be more technical, investigate the best shape and pressure to help your balloon travel furthest. Will your design stand out amongst the rest?

The more balloons you buy the greater the chance of winning.

There are prizes for the winning balloons that travel the furthest: - £500 cash, Apple iPad, and ten £10 book tokens. In addition to the overall prizes, there is a £50 cash prize for the ‘Abergavenny Rotary’ balloon that travels the furthest from the start at Westminster Abbey.

Abergavenny Rotary is now 75 years old and throughout this time it has been raising money for a wide range of local, national, and international charities. It has been harder to do in the past year due to Covid meaning we have not been able to run the Steam Rally this year and last, and we hope this new venture will encourage you to help us.

It is not only the 7-day race, when you can watch your balloon cross the earth’s surface and check up on your progress every 30 minutes, but also the fun time you can spend in advance artistically designing your balloon but also what shape, what pressure and what name or message. Not into that, then just pick a shape, opt for a pressure out of the air (no pun intended) and put your name on it.

Examples of charities and organisations that Abergavenny Rotary has supported in recent years are Abergavenny Community Centre, Bryn Arw Tree Planting, Nevil Hall Children’s Ward and Centre, Blood Bikes Wales, St. David’s Hospice, Nevil Hall Covid-19 Ward and League of Friends, Gateway Church, AAODS, Abergavenny Food Bank, Abergavenny Writing Festival, Women’s Aid, Recycling Laptops for Schools, 12 Defibrillators for First Responders in the Town, Bridges Centre Monmouth, Alzheimer’s Society, British Heart Foundation, Send a Cow, Water Aid, Uganda Orphans and End Polio Now.

Thanks for your support.

Rotary is a great way of engaging with and supporting your local community. Membership is open to men and women who are drawn from all walks of life. If you are interested in learning more, or looking to join, please contact us via our website at www.abergavenny.rotary1150.org or follow us on Facebook.

£500 cash
Apple iPad
10 x £10 book tokens.
£50 Prize for the "Abergavenny Rotary" Balloon that travels furthest from Westminster Abbey


Our fundraising target is: £1000

Gross monies raised so far: £6

Supporters so far: 1

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