Our school is a small village primary with only 110 pupils. The local community and beyond have been fantastic in their support of Parent Teacher Association (PTA) fundraising for new reading books over the last year. We are now broadening our focus to other elements of school life.

From supporting classroom learning to sport and enrichment activities, our little school needs your help!

What more enjoyable way to help than our 'virtual' balloon race? It is really simple, and each entrant has the chance to win a really great cash prize!

Just buy a balloon then follow it from its release in Manaus, Brazil at 12pm on 17th July as it is buffeted by real-world weather patterns in a virtual, computer simulated, eco-friendly race. Whose balloon will go the furthest?

Taking part is really straightforward:
1. Click on the blue 'buy balloons' bar below - you'll need your card details.
2. Create an account (it's easy and required to send you your winnings and track your balloon).
3. Buy a balloon for just £3 in the 'Schools Out' race for 'Burrough Green PTA & Friends' - these are the default details if you click through from this site.
4. Design your balloon - you can personalise and decorate it!
5. Login to your account to see your balloon start or follow its progress during the 7 day race to see if you win!

(You can also choose to buy an activation code - this is a great option for adults wanting to buy balloons for the kids to design.)

All balloons are subject to real-time weather and wind speed updates and race positions can change very quickly so it's anyone's game!

Prizes available for the race as a whole:
1st Prize £500 cash
2nd Prize Apple i-Pad
10 runner up prizes of £10 book tokens

We are also giving extra prizes for our PTA race (so you have an even better chance of winning!)
1st Prize £100 cash
2nd Prize £50 cash
3rd Prize £25 cash
4th Prize £10 cash
5th Prize £5 cash

Thank you so much for your support - happy ballooning!

Our fundraising target is: £1500

Gross monies raised so far: £12

Supporters so far: 1

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