After the success of taking part in last years Halloween balloon race and with many events still not able to go ahead why not take part in this years balloon race in Tokyo in time for the Olympics. By taking part you are helping the Family Care Trust to continue supporting vulnerable adults throughout Solihull at Newlands Bishop Farm, Blanning Day Centre, Community Support and Dassett Road supported accommodation.

This is a 100% eco friendly event, so there are no actual balloons littering the environment so that means that not only are you supporting a great charity but also looking after the environment at the same time!
You can buy a virtual balloon, customise it and then race it for a chance to win prizes while raising money to support the Family Care Trust.

Virtual balloons for the race are just £3 each. You'll get a chance to personalise the balloons and then battle against other people to try and win the race.

The balloons "launch" at 12pm on August 8th from Tokyo, Japan and the balloon that travels the furthest before the race is over wins!

You can follow the race in real-time online and it is completely dictated by real life weather conditions and the design of your balloon!

As part of the race you'll have the chance to battle against 1000's of other entrants taking part in the same EcoRace for some amazing prizes:

1st Prize - £500 Cash
2nd Prize - Apple iPad
3rd Prize - 10 lucky winners of £10 Book Tokens

Our fundraising target is: £500

Gross monies raised so far: £0

Supporters so far: 0

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