Cholsey Pre-School is delighted to present its Virtual Christmas Day Balloon Race!

For just £3, design and customise your very own balloon and enter our virtual balloon race where everything is real except the balloon!

After delivering all the presents, Santa will race back home to launch the virtual balloon race. Whose virtual balloon will travel the furthest over 7 days and win a prize?!

Enter as many balloons as you like per person or family, or even gift one as a novel stocking filler - the more balloons, the more exciting the race, the more chances of winning and the more funds raised for Cholsey Pre-School!

Fantastic prizes to be won by entrants to the Cholsey Pre-School Virtual Balloon Race, PLUS the incentive of being in with a chance of winning £500 cash, an Apple iPad or one of ten £10 Book Tokens as the Cholsey Pre-School Race joins other balloon races happening across the country!

Balloons must be purchased and customised 30mins prior to the launch at 12pm on Christmas Day from Santa's Village in Lapland. You can log in at any time to track your balloons’ progress until the race finish at 12pm on New Year's Day.

Winners will be the balloons to travel furthest (in any direction) but choose your design carefully – fly too high and you risk your balloon bursting, but also watch out for low-flying geese!

All funds raised will be donated to the Cholsey Pre-School charity
Good Luck!

Our fundraising target is: £200

Gross monies raised so far: £0

Supporters so far: 0

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