Arnside Days for Girls

Buy an imaginary balloon (or several), enjoy tracking its progress on maps for a week, and help us to help women and girls. You might even win a prize, too.

The International Women's Day virtual balloon race, supporting a wide range of charities, will "launch" beside Emmeline Pankhurst's statue in St Peter's Square, Manchester, at 12 noon on Tuesday 8th March 2022, and you can buy balloons up to half an hour before that time. You can choose the shape, colour(s), and pattern of your balloon, write a name or message on it, and alter the thickness of rubber and amount of helium which affect how it "flies" (different weather patterns at different heights), and then watch its progress for a week, updated every half hour. All totally imaginary (except the weather data), no litter or harm to wildlife, no use of the earth's precious helium, just a very entertaining computer programme! At the end of the week, there are prizes of £500, an iPad, and 10 x £10 book tokens, for the balloons which "fly" furthest, as the crow flies.

The Arnside Days for Girls / Stitch-in-Time team is part of the international Days for Girls organisation which works to increase access to menstrual products and vital health information for women and girls around the world. We meet twice a month to sew reusable sanitary protection kits, with an associated knitting group making items for people in need. We need to raise funds for materials (including a specialised waterproof breathable layer) and other expenses. Read more about Days for Girls UK at

Each balloon costs you £4, and £3.088 of this comes directly to Arnside Days for Girls. You can even buy a balloon for someone else - you pay, you get a code to send them, they buy the balloon and they have the fun of tracking it. It's an entertaining, and totally contactless, way to support our work.

Our fundraising target is: £500

Gross monies raised so far: £28

Supporters so far: 4

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