Ollie Young Foundation

The OYF was set up in 2012 after Ollie lost his fight to a brain tumour. No available treatment and no cure we, (Ollie's mum and dad) decided that we needed to make a change to enable children who are diagnosed with a brain tumour to be given some hope for the future.
In the last 8 years the OYF has raised in the region of £500k, funded 9 years worth of research into paediatric brain tumours and donated £52k in support for Helen and Douglas House and Clic Sargent. We have worked tirelessly to get to where we are today and although it’s been an amazing start we need to continue finding the fight to ensure this change can happen.
Our plans for 2020, like many others, have been put on hold due to the Coronavirus meaning we are losing approx 70% of our fundraising as events have been cancelled, fundraisers are unable to fulfill their roles and fewer donations have been made. We have been in talks with companies and universities about taking our research one step further but that has also been put on hold.
Covid delays, or worst case, jeopardizes our future plans regarding research as without ongoing funding, we cannot commit to the long term grants that research bodies require. Even though the world's activity has slowed so much in so many areas, sadly cancer continues at the same rate, and with sustainable, ongoing funding, we can keep the critical research going that will one day make a difference to so many lives.

Our fundraising target is: £0

Gross monies raised so far: £9

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