Support David and his children to make new happy memories.

David was a healthy family man with 3 young children. On the night of 10th October 2018 he was the innocent victim of knife crime. David was left fighting for his life. David survived but has been left with brain damage and paralysis. David’s 3 young children have adapted well to how daddy is now. They understand that daddy can’t speak properly and he can only walk in the house. They also understand that daddy now has seizures and they are aware on what to do when this happens. They also know that daddy falls very easily and they have to be careful when running in the house. The children would love to be able to play on our local beach and have picnics there with daddy, but unless their daddy has an all terrain electric wheelchair he will not be able to access the beach. We take this for granted that we can go to places, have fun and make memories. But for David and his children this is not possible. It would be wonderful to give these 3 young children the thing they crave most. Time and fun with daddy, to be normal and to do what we take for granted.

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