To celebrate the new school year, why not join our virtual balloon race and compete against your family and friends to see whose balloon goes the furthest!

WASPs is short for Willesley Association of School and Parents. We're a group of volunteers that organise and run various events and fundraisers across the school year.
All parents and carers of Willesley pupils can join the WASPs, in fact it really is the case of the more the merrier. Whether you would like to volunteer at an event, suggest a new fundraisig idea or sit on the board, you are more than welcome. We value your time and every hour you spend volunteering really does make a difference to our children and our school.
WASPs fundraising and events programme has been affected by Corona Virus, so we are launching a very special virtual balloon race to keep you entertained as well as raise much needed funds to support our school.
We are hoping to raise money to replace the sheds in the playground that store all the sports equipment and lunch time toys. They leak and are in desperate need to replacing to avoid equipment being damaged.

Tickets are available until the 13th September as the balloon race sets off at 12pm, on the 14th September, for 7 Days. You can follow your balloon for 7 days using the Google Maps and each balloon is subject to a simulated flight pattern based on the actual weather conditions such as the wind speed and current temperature.

Balloons are £3 each, you can have as many balloons as you like and you can decorate and name each balloon!

Prizes for the Race (across multiple charities)
£500 Cash
Apple iPad
10 lucky winners of £10 Book Tokens

We are hoping to have additional prizes, just for Willesley entries so watch this space!

Plus if lots of balloons for WASPs are sold, there will be additional prizes up for grabs!

Sales in excess of 500 balloons - £50 for furthest balloon flight
Sales in excess of 1000 balloons - £100 for furthest balloon flight
Sales in excess of 10,000 balloons - £1000 for furthest balloon flight

Our fundraising target is: £3000

Gross monies raised so far: £0

Supporters so far: 0

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