Wirksworth Rotary with Derbyshire Wildlife Trust

“If we act now, together we really can prevent a crisis, and grow a healthier, richer, wilder future.” Derbyshire Wildlife Trust

Wirksworth Rotary is delighted to partner with the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust (DWT) in this balloon race to help them continue their invaluable work promoting the natural world and educating and enhancing the lives of Derbyshire residents and visitors of all ages.

Our usual fundraising activities have been very much restricted during the current pandemic, so we are looking to raise much-needed funds to enable us to maintain our support for a range of good causes and charities in our local community, across the UK and around the world.

All of the proceeds from the balloons sold within our cause will be split equally between DWT and Wirksworth Rotary.

DWT has been leading nature’s recovery across Derbyshire for over 55 years, inspiring people and communities to care and mobilising people to act, protecting and enhancing wildlife and wild places throughout the county. From surveying bumblebee numbers out in the field to taking toddlers on their first ever mini-beast hunt - their work spans from conservation at its most scientific right through to a child's first experience.

Wirksworth Rotary is involved in a number of very worthwhile projects, including:

- supporting our local Food Bank, Memory Cafe, Hospices, Scouts group and junior sports clubs and making donations to local organisations to help them re-open after the COVID-19 lockdown.

- giving dictionaries to children in our local primary schools and running competitions with prizes for primary pupils in writing, and secondary pupils in music, art, media, technology, cooking and public speaking.

- providing funds through a micro-financing organisation to help people develop their own businesses in a sustainable manner around the world.

- managing Aquabox, a community project established in 1992, which sends water filtration units and other humanitarian aid items to disaster-hit areas around the world, giving access to safe drinking water and minimising the spread of water-borne disease.

In addition to the prizes given by Ecoracing to the overall race winners, we are very pleased to offer our own prizes to the balloons which travel furthest within our cause. First prize will be a year's family membership of Derbyshire Wildlife Trust, with a second prize of a Beaver Adoption Pack for the runner up, and £50 worth of Amazon vouchers for third place.

Thank you for your support.

Our fundraising target is: £1000

Gross monies raised so far: £624

Supporters so far: 46

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Top 20 balloons within cause

  • #1 Toby: travelled 2,005.11km FINISHED

  • #2 Sue B 4: travelled 1,789.07km FINISHED

  • #3 Wilson Family: travelled 1,606.77km FINISHED

  • #4 Sue B 3: travelled 1,483.34km FINISHED

  • #5 Balloon: travelled 1,413.73km FINISHED

  • #6 Aidan 1: travelled 1,411.54km FINISHED

  • #7 Normski: travelled 1,400.69km FINISHED

  • #8 Balloon: travelled 1,400.19km FINISHED

  • #9 Edward’s 2nd balloon: travelled 1,391.97km FINISHED

  • #10 Sandy: travelled 1,354.22km FINISHED

  • #11 Chazzy: travelled 1,343.19km FINISHED

  • #12 Equity Estates 2: travelled 1,068.78km POPPED

  • #13 Immy - 2: travelled 626.97km FINISHED

  • #14 Andy 10: travelled 601.28km FINISHED

  • #15 Biggles: travelled 600.13km FINISHED

  • #16 George: travelled 537.56km POPPED

  • #17 Tony: travelled 441.06km FINISHED

  • #18 Thomas: travelled 437.84km FINISHED

  • #19 Jen: travelled 436.16km FINISHED

  • #20 Nicole and Chris: travelled 431.33km FINISHED

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