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We would like to buy three garden studios for our centres in Cambridge, Ipswich and Basildon to enable us to welcome back more customers to face to face independent living skills activity programmes - whislt working within social distancing guidelines. At the moment we can only accommodate 40% of our customers inside at our centres - whilst we are supporting the rest through virtual sessions, one to one support and door step activities, many of them really want to be back with their peers and our support staff in person. We don't know how long the current regulations will be in place for, so by building a garden studio in the grounds of our centres we will be able to provide face to face support to around 42 more customers each week. As well as having the opportunity to win £550, an Apple I-Pad or a £10 book token if your balloon travels the furthest in the overall race, there will also be prizes including a hamper, vouchers and wine for the first 6 Papworth Trust balloons to travel the furthest once they are released from Harrods on 1 December. Your £3 will really make a massive difference, you will have great fun - and you could win a prize ! Please support us to ensure we can achieve the funds needed to make the garden studios a reality as soon as possible!

Our fundraising target is: £2000

Gross monies raised so far: £0

Supporters so far: 0

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