The Crufts Northern Rally Team

Christmas Day Race - 25th December 2020 so lets think about Christmas balloon names this time. About our cause - usually at this time of year we have started our fundraising at the shows with tombolas and raffles but as the shows have been cancelled or postponed we have to think of different ways of raising funds for the Northern Rally Team. We raise funds throughout the year to pay for the teams expenses, hiring of venues for the try outs, team jackets, training venues and then hopefully there is some left for travel expenses for the team. So if you would like to support the Crufts Northern Rally Team 2021 please buy a balloon, a fun way of raising funds. Also if £100 or more is raised there will be a special BONUS prize, the balloon that travels the furthest for the Northern Rally Team will receive a Notch bracelet and a Rally Notch up to the value of £30 of your choice.

Our fundraising target is: £200

Gross monies raised so far: £0

Supporters so far: 0

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