We are joining this virtual Christmas day Race to raise money to support our wonderful school, Lutton St Nicholas Primary School.
Our aim is to raise funds to help make improvements to the outdoor spaces around the school.
With limited fundraising opportunities this year, no Christmas fayre, no school discos, no chocolate bingo, we thought this would be a great and fun way to support the school.
With your support and generosity, you can buy a ballon, or gift one for someone else.....decorate it, customise it, track it over the course of the race and have fun watching your ballon fly.
Top prizes for the UK wide competition include £500 cash, an Apple Ipad, and book tokens.
Also we will be awarding prizes for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed entrants just from Lutton School.

Our fundraising target is: £750

Gross monies raised so far: £0

Supporters so far: 0

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