Lostock Hall Community Primary School PTFA

We can't do a Christmas Raffle this year, but we think this might be even better! Buy a balloon and keep track of it as it races through the sky in a week long race. It will actually be more fun for the children as it is more interactive than a raffle, and are still be giving away many of the same sort of prizes – we will have a minimum of 30 prizes, although we hope to have more.
1st Prize - £100
2nd Prize - £50
3rd Prize - Chocolate Hamper donated by Asda
Other prizes include vouchers for Moka, Barton Grange Garden Centre and Whittaker's Butchers; hampers from Holme Farm Dairies and Morrison's; Free Tennis Lesson from Roots Tennis; 6 x Giant Crackers filled with surprises; One Day Free Childcare from The Nest; 10 x PTFA Hampers filled with goodies; Voucher for a ‘Story Led Craft Box’ from Reading and Beyond; Bottle of Fizz & Christmas Pudding from Co Op; Set of Gin Liqueur Baubles

Now, this is where it gets a little more complicated, but potentially a bit more exciting. We will all be racing against many other schools and charities from across the country. The prizes we are providing can only be won by our supporters (people that buy their balloon from our specific page on Ecoracing) – so, no matter what happens, those 30+ prizes will all go to you guys. However, Ecoracing also provide their own prizes for overall winners:
1st Prize - £500 Cash
2nd Prize - Apple iPad
10 additional prizes of £10 book tokens
So, if one of our supporters comes in first place in the whole race, they will win £500 from Ecoracing plus another £100 from us. Equally, all of our supporters might do terribly in the overall race. Our highest placed finisher might come in 200th overall but because they have come first in our own race amongst our supporters, they will still win our £100 first prize.

Important Note - We would obviously love for you to encourage friends and relatives from across the UK to buy a balloon and support our school. However, it would be impractical to try to send a hamper down to Brighton, for example. So, the majority of prizes can only be delivered locally (or collected from school). If your Great Uncle Bulgaria from London wins one of the cash prizes, we will be able to send that electronically it’s just the bulky prizes that we cannot send far and wide - sorry!

Good luck!

Our fundraising target is: £1000

Gross monies raised so far: £1002

Supporters so far: 127

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Top 20 balloons within cause

  • #1 Ken: travelled 196.34km

  • #2 Auntie RaaRaa: travelled 191.35km

  • #3 Aysha: travelled 181.21km

  • #4 Umaymah: travelled 180.59km

  • #5 Aka: travelled 178.52km

  • #6 JoeArtCaz 2: travelled 166.32km

  • #7 Pat: travelled 164.75km

  • #8 Mark: travelled 160.34km

  • #9 Unicorn queen: travelled 158.71km

  • #10 Tinker: travelled 154.35km

  • #11 lesley: travelled 150.89km

  • #12 Tombane99: travelled 148.65km

  • #13 Jetstream mark 87: travelled 147.86km

  • #14 Princess EVIE: travelled 144.87km

  • #15 Cheeky Erins Mum: travelled 134.55km

  • #16 Louis Camm: travelled 70.59km

  • #17 Maryam: travelled 70.20km

  • #18 Mrs Jackson: travelled 69.99km

  • #19 Jackson: travelled 68.57km

  • #20 Love always wins: travelled 67.43km

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